July 02, 2017

General Status Update - Mid2017

Dear friends,
As always, here are details of what's going on.

About this topic, one thing was done. After releasing Faa’a X Update 1, some elements had issues that prevented users from using the scenery because of BUILDING CRASH issue, just like Nadi users had. This problem has been solved and even both sceneries work well in the new 64-bit platform Prepar3D v4. Just run the P3Dv3 dedicated installer and point installation to your P3Dv4 installdir. Remember to add manually the scenery layers through Scenery Library UI, by following the steps in the User Manual.
For those with the Crash issue in Faa’a X users of the FSX&P3D version, send a mail to flightsim.airports@gmail.com, requesting the patch. PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER, THE EMAIL ADDRESS USED FOR PURCHASE AND THE STORE WHERE YOU PURCHASED.

Here I bring some teasers of Livery Manager II, revealing you the new GUI that is being worked on. The code is still being written and improved for performance. This version will take into account support for P3Dv4 too, together with P3Dv3 and FSX:SE, which were pending from LM1. I will also make everything to ensure support for future platforms from now on, so that I reduce time in code changes just to add support for P3D new versions, for example.

About the CJ4, the exterior and interior models are fully complete, also I have ready the out-of-box repaints and I am working with Paintkit too (I do not promise to include it when the aircraft is released but I will do my best). At this moment, I am working with flight instruments and systems, and I hope to get the CJ4 ready for beta testing soon, and tests under Prepar3D v4 began too. You can find the teasers of the CJ4 in the Facebook Page in a dedicated album; you will find there many shots of the exterior, interior, instruments and official liveries included with the product. Remember that these shots reflect a work-in-progress and do not represent the final product. Changes and/or fixes can still be made.

Note: I made fictional liveries too, but those are a gift for the Australian followers because (as far as I know) there are no CJ4 in Australia.

In the next weeks, as the CJ4 progressively enters beta-testing, I will upload a video demonstrating how instruments work on this aircraft.

I know how disappointed you were for a long time, but I am now focused on improving NextGen’s development time and bringing you the best, investing in new tools and more. This long silence and few teasers uploading do not mean development is stopped, instead it is going hard and well and to demonstrate it is serious.

For now, that’s all I wanted to say.
Thank you so much for your kind feedback, suggestions and trust.

Kind regards,

Carlos D. Gonz├ílez – Lead Developer
NextGen Simulations

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