July 05, 2015

Nadi X Update 2 (for FSX&P3D only)

Dear friends,

We were working today on a new minor update for Nadi X (FSX&P3D version). This is the changelog for this minor update:

FIXED: AFCAD & Exclusion BGLs were fixed in order to prevent deletion of almost all objects nearby the airfield.
ADDED: IK-based jetways. These can now be docked to the user aircraft and/or AI traffic.
ADDED: Compliance with FSDT's GSX. Configuration file is included.

Here are some shots from FSX:

Now, GSX compatibility (tested on P3Dv2):

Faa'a X has GSX compliance too. Details here: http://nxgnsim.blogspot.com/p/frequently-asked-questions.html

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

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