June 15, 2015

General Development Status - 2Q2015

Dear friends,

We are almost ending the first half of the year and here are some details about development on NXGN. As you know, we have real-life priorities to focus on and development timeframe is always organized for that reason, so it is a bit quiet here.

About this topic, we released a fix 4 months ago for Nadi X (FSX&P3D version) related with Building-Crash issues after loading a flight/scenario, but it was not announced until now (due to LM betatesting stage), and we realised we made a mistake when we coded ScenInst utility (a console application that registers Nadi scenery into Scenery Library); fortunately it was not the case with FS9 version, but FSX version is the problem as we noticed that the scenery.cfg file for search was located in another path (ProgramData folder instead of AppData/Roaming). We added a FAQ page to solve questions made by you in Technical Support area, and it will be updated of course.

Additionally, as you know from the last status, we will not develop sceneries anymore due to software piracy and many issues with very-older tools (FS2K2 SDK), although we will continue with technical support for both products (Faa'a and Nadi).

Livery Manager
At this moment, Livery Manager is constantly looked at as we are listing the changes to be made to this utility, considering some items we did not include before releasing or items you suggested. Among the changes we listed, a GUI massive change is necessary and full support for FSX:SE (either standalone or side-by-side) is mandatorily required. It is in process, but progress is very slow in order to make the other mega-project we are working on now. Nevertheless, if you have suggestions for LM, do not hesitate to tell us.

You heard and read well! This is another mega-project we are working on. At this moment, NXGN will begin to develop high-quality aircraft for FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv2. First set of renders can be found at our Facebook Page. For now, nothing is sure about it will include full updateable navdata, WXR or things like that (for example), but that stuff is under consideration, so it will define the future on this development line and its design standards. :-)

We hope you enjoy the set of renders. And for now, there is no more to tell you. Tell us your questions about this aircraft project.

Once again, thanks for your constant feedback. Thank you so much!!!
Have safe and nice flights. Until the next quarter, or when something exciting arrives!!!

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

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