December 26, 2014

Livery Manager Preview 3

Dear friends,

This is the following development status and probably the last one in 2014, as we are to finish the last quarter of the year. Here are 20 shots about the work partly done in the Liveries Distribution stage. This stage is one of the hardest stages of development, together with SmartFix.

Here are some changes:
  • Backup Liveries (from Liveries Management) will be re-coded again, in order to backup only fltsim.x collection from aircraft.cfg. This part still has the compression of associated texture folder, but this is a kind of distribution, so it passed to the current stage.
  • Now a new possibility to compress the number of liveries you want to distribute. The limit is the file size :-) That depends on the size of texture files.
  • Ability to modify the composition of fltsim.x section for the repaints to pack.
  • Ability to add an associated thumbnail for each repaint to pack.
  • Pack them in the order you want.
  • Possibility to create your own ReadMe file inside Livery Manager, in plain text format or rich text format. Plus the possibility to save a copy.
  • Ability to zip the archive file created, add more files inside that zip (more readme's, pdf's, etc.) and delete archive file once created (only if zipped!)
  • Working now on the unpacking process, for now enjoy a shot showing the drag&drop implementation with native Windows style.
We hope you like this set of shots. We are working very hard, even this season, but trying to get this utility product ready before the end of Q1-2015.
As always, suggestions and comments for this project are always welcome!

For now folks, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2015!!!! Share with your families and friends.

Best regards, NXGN Team.

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