February 21, 2014

Nadi X Hotfix 1 Post-SP1

Hello friends,

We were working on a new minor update for Nadi X. For some reasons, we forgot to add the NO CRASH attach points to all core objects. Now everything is OK. This happened due to previous feedback of curstomers who had enabled crash detection on FSX & Prepar3D.

Here is the link of the hotfix: https://www.adrive.com/public/PhG9aQ/Nadi%20X%20FS10%26P3D%20Hotfix%201.zip
MD5 checksum: bd33d81df1376f1dec2c0f2fecb9785c

Extract that zipfile to your FSX/P3D path. We apologize about this, but we are working the best we can to solve issues found.

!!! UPDATE: BGL files were recompiled again with NoCrash attribute in order to solve building crash issues on some small objects. Please redownload this file and follow the same instructions. If you experience building crash when landing or starting on any runway threshold, delete all NFFN-VOLUMETRIC-GRASS-*.bgl files from <FSXDir>\Nxgn Simulations\Nadi X\Nadi-NFFN\Scenery and try again. If the problem persists, post a comment here.

About good news, we are working on a new aircraft, but details about this will not be revealed until there is some progress with it or until we decide to publish a "Behind the Scene" album on Instagram. Twitter page and Instagram pages are now open.

Follow us on Twitter @NXGNSim and Instagram @nxgnsim. YouTube channel will be open when we decide to publish some previews about this aircraft. Thanks for your feedback and for following us. We have now 15 likes on our Facebook page and our target is 100 likes.

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

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