January 28, 2014

Nadi X Update 1 Released!

Hello friends,

We were working on a critical update of Nadi X. All versions had to be fixed. Here is the changelog:

FS2004 version.
- FIXED: Out of scale issues with flowers and volumetric grass.
- FIXED: Photo layer from ground polygon was full of squares, now this layer has less polygons and all squares were sliced.
- MODIFIED: Ground polygon fixes to prevent autogen exclusion around the base scenery.
- MODIFIED: All buildings and core objets were retweaked and built to prevent autogen exclusion.
- IMPROVED: All bitmaps (except photoscenery maps) were built as DXT3 BMPs to increase performance on low-spec PCs.
- IMPROVED: ScenInst.exe (Scenery Config Tool) improved with code fixes.

FSX/P3Dv1/P3Dv2 version.
- FIXED: Core textures fixed, specially with deletion of specular maps in some objects that caused bad rendering problems.
- FIXED: Ground polygon fixed and AFCAD Bgl fixed.
- IMPROVED: New lighting pole system. It features a new light effect on ground to be compatible on all platforms. No more FS2002-style lights.
- ADDED: More generic objects inside and outside the airport to make this scenery more full of life.
- FIXED: Animated floating planes in the hangars were replaced.
- FIXED: No more "glass" effect inside Fiji Airways maintenance hangar.
- FIXED: No red firetrucks. All firetrucks are now green.
- IMPROVED: Added NoAutogenSuppression attribute to almost all object, so the autogen is not totally excluded.
- FIXED: Alpha Channel of Volumetric Grass fixed as double-sided issues with grass and flowers.
- IMPROVED: ScenInst.exe (Scenery Config Tool) improved with code fixes.
- FIXED: (AFCAD File) Surface changes on some taxilines and both runways.

For customers who bought the scenery before Wed 29 Jan 2014, download the new installer from the order history of the reseller where the product was purchased. The filenames are NX_NFFNX_FS2004.exe and NX_NFFNX_FSX_P3D.zip. If that files are not found on the order history, send a mail to flightsim.airports@gmail.com requesting the update installer. Remember to include your order number for verification.

One more thing, we are now working on a new aircraft project after two sceneries. More details about this new project and which aircraft is, will be revealed soon here and the Facebook Fan Page. Twitter group will be open soon.

Thank you.

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

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