December 26, 2013

Nadi X - W.I.P. #5

Dear friends,

Due to technical issues with our development workstations, real-life responsibilities and (unexpectedly) few medical problems, Nadi X development slowed (at least too much again) but we are trying to do the best to get this product ready on January because we have not enough time to complete it before Dec. 31st. Until now we are working on the rest of the builidings and, in order to save a bit of time as we looked at their similarity, we started using some elements from Faa'a X. Here is a preview of the almost last stage of development. Enjoy.

We suggest you to be patient for a bit of time as we are working on laptops and they are not working in the way we expect to work, just while we wait until the acquisition of new desktop computers. Thanks.

PD: As always, we have the doors open in our Facebook Fan Page. Like us on Facebook.

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

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