April 28, 2013

Progress on Nadi X

Hello friends,

Do you think that Nadi X is dead? Well, that's not true.

Nadi X is progressing, but slower than usual due to personal priorities and many issues on our PC workstations (caused by deadlocks). For now, we are working slowly while we get rid of the deadlocks and the priorities we have.

This previews are of FSX/Prepar3D version of Nadi X. This does not mean that FS9 version is not alive. Of course it is alive, but we are trying to do the best to release both versions the same date which will be announced when development is almost at the end. Those are the previews of FSX version with the ground polygon only but there are no precipitation effects. In FS9 we are working now on the photoscenery and airport objects.

Beginning with the next preview, all preview photos will be uploaded on the Facebook and Twitter Fan Pages we opened 4 weeks ago, but we did not have enough time to organize it. And we will start with the first aircraft project (Ejets X) and Mega Istanbul X (first mega-airport) next month.

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

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