February 24, 2013

New Projects for 2013

Hello Friends,

We were busy the last month due to many high personal priorities, but while we get rid of them slowly, let us tell you something:

1st - We are now working on a new scenery: Nadi Airport. Here are some photos from FS2004. FSX/Prepar3D version will start in few days while we work on FS2004 version.

More shots here:
(Our space on Flickr) : http://www.flickr.com/photos/nxgnsim/

Development started this week. And now ground poly has cracks and dirt in markings and pavement and taxi markings are more smooth, a big difference from Tahiti X ground poly. Also, this scenery will include all Tahiti X features plus: photoscenery with hand-placed autogen for all platforms, pre-rendered self-shadowing on objects, birds (FSX), new rain precipitation, bump and specular mappings (FSX), volumetric grass, animated vehicles, and because this is our first scenery with jetways, we will add dynamic and static jetways (FS2004) and IK-based jetways (FSX), and so on.

2nd - We noticed Tokyo Narita won the first poll and Moscow (SVO&DME) won the second one, so we will start in few days with Narita. The rest of the options of both polls will be made slowly after Narita and Nadi. New features mentioned for Nadi X will be applied also for Narita X.

3rd - We are now planning the beginning of a new project for installation of aircraft repaints and thumbnails (FSX only) for FS9/FSX/P3D, with full support for easy and quick installation of repaints for third-party aircraft and default FS aircraft, and packaging of new repaints, ready for upload on Avsim and Flightsim. If so, development will start next month. Also we are planning what aircraft we can start developing. A poll will be uploaded here next week. For now, we are organizing all for development of this types of addons.

4th - In order to get more interaction with existing and new customers, and more people, we will open a new space on the following social networking sites: Facebook (next three or four days), Twitter (next three of four days), YouTube (almost ready and we will upload our first video next month, please stay tuned). So, there will be five spaces and we are working on the opening of simFlight forums. With this, you can find us everywhere.

Stay tuned for more about Nadi and the beginning of Narita X development.

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

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