August 08, 2018

Update for Customers

IMPORTANT NEWS! (August 22nd)

Due to the recent problems at The FlightSim Store, we request you to NOT purchase our products there as all of our products have been removed from their website. All communications between us and FSS have got completely unanswered. Also, in the same way, we had comuunications ignored with Simware, so all our products were removed from there too. We offer you apologies for the inconveniences this may have caused. From now on (and while we can get in contact with more stores), we invite you to purchase our products at SimMarketFSPilotShopPC Aviator (US or AU), SimShack or Virtualcol Store.

FSS and SW customers should still be able to download the installers of our products, however, we will no longer be sending updates there. Therefore, if you are a FSS and/or SW customer and you need further assistance and/or updated installer request, please contact our lead developer at, including the purchase invoice for verification purposes.

UPDATE (September 6th)

Faa'a X and Nadi X have been re-packaged with the single multi-platform installer featured with the Cittation CJ4X. This will save you disk space and a lot of time, even for those who purchase it now, you will have the new installer instead of the old one. We are currently contacting all stores so that they can update the files and get them ready for you and in the next couple of days you can re-download them from the store. Customers from all stores can now redownload the installers from their order history.

FlightSim Store and SimWare customers need to request the new installer because our products were plugged out from those stores as per the statement above (Aug 22nd), so please request the new single multi-platform installer via email at, including the order invoice.

January 09, 2018

New Project Teasers

Dear friends,

Here are some teasers of a new aircraft project that is under development right now, brought by our lead developer. Enjoy!
More about this project will be told to you though the year.

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

July 02, 2017

General Status Update - Mid2017

Dear friends,
As always, here are details of what's going on.

About this topic, one thing was done. After releasing Faa’a X Update 1, some elements had issues that prevented users from using the scenery because of BUILDING CRASH issue, just like Nadi users had. This problem has been solved and even both sceneries work well in the new 64-bit platform Prepar3D v4. Just run the P3Dv3 dedicated installer and point installation to your P3Dv4 installdir. Remember to add manually the scenery layers through Scenery Library UI, by following the steps in the User Manual.
For those with the Crash issue in Faa’a X users of the FSX&P3D version, send a mail to, requesting the patch. PLEASE REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR ORDER NUMBER, THE EMAIL ADDRESS USED FOR PURCHASE AND THE STORE WHERE YOU PURCHASED.

Here I bring some teasers of Livery Manager II, revealing you the new GUI that is being worked on. The code is still being written and improved for performance. This version will take into account support for P3Dv4 too, together with P3Dv3 and FSX:SE, which were pending from LM1. I will also make everything to ensure support for future platforms from now on, so that I reduce time in code changes just to add support for P3D new versions, for example.

About the CJ4, the exterior and interior models are fully complete, also I have ready the out-of-box repaints and I am working with Paintkit too (I do not promise to include it when the aircraft is released but I will do my best). At this moment, I am working with flight instruments and systems, and I hope to get the CJ4 ready for beta testing soon, and tests under Prepar3D v4 began too. You can find the teasers of the CJ4 in the Facebook Page in a dedicated album; you will find there many shots of the exterior, interior, instruments and official liveries included with the product. Remember that these shots reflect a work-in-progress and do not represent the final product. Changes and/or fixes can still be made.

Note: I made fictional liveries too, but those are a gift for the Australian followers because (as far as I know) there are no CJ4 in Australia.

In the next weeks, as the CJ4 progressively enters beta-testing, I will upload a video demonstrating how instruments work on this aircraft.

I know how disappointed you were for a long time, but I am now focused on improving NextGen’s development time and bringing you the best, investing in new tools and more. This long silence and few teasers uploading do not mean development is stopped, instead it is going hard and well and to demonstrate it is serious.

For now, that’s all I wanted to say.
Thank you so much for your kind feedback, suggestions and trust.

Kind regards,

Carlos D. Gonz├ílez – Lead Developer
NextGen Simulations

November 28, 2015

News as of November 28th

Dear friends,

There are some news now. Please pay attention,

1. Installers for Faa'a X. We have recently uploaded the new version of the installer of Faa'a X for FSX & P3D only. This new version covers some bugs that required to be fixed and covers compatibility on FSX:SE and P3Dv3. Additionally, it adds out-of-box compliance with FSDT's GSX.

To request a copy of them, please e-mail to with subject Faa'a X Installers Request, and include purchase order information as that will be verified from our authorized resellers. Remember that, if this information is not sent, the link cannot be dispatched.

2. Discounts Promotions. At this moment a new discount promotion is running on SimMarket and FSPilotShop. Hurry and get your copy now! 50% off on all available stock!

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

October 11, 2015

New Installers for Nadi X

Dear friends,

We noticed that there is a new Prepar3D version. For that reason, we decided to rebuild installers of Nadi X with the latest changes (fixes, additions and improvements). Those are for FSX (boxed), FSX Steam Edition and Prepar3D versions 1.x, 2.x and 3.x

In order to get them, you must follow the required protocol for exclusive content: Just send a mail to, including order number, qualified reseller name and email address used for purchased. Remember that this information will be verified.

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

July 05, 2015

Nadi X Update 2 (for FSX&P3D only)

Dear friends,

We were working today on a new minor update for Nadi X (FSX&P3D version). This is the changelog for this minor update:

FIXED: AFCAD & Exclusion BGLs were fixed in order to prevent deletion of almost all objects nearby the airfield.
ADDED: IK-based jetways. These can now be docked to the user aircraft and/or AI traffic.
ADDED: Compliance with FSDT's GSX. Configuration file is included.

Here are some shots from FSX:

Now, GSX compatibility (tested on P3Dv2):

Faa'a X has GSX compliance too. Details here:

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

June 15, 2015

General Development Status - 2Q2015

Dear friends,

We are almost ending the first half of the year and here are some details about development on NXGN. As you know, we have real-life priorities to focus on and development timeframe is always organized for that reason, so it is a bit quiet here.

About this topic, we released a fix 4 months ago for Nadi X (FSX&P3D version) related with Building-Crash issues after loading a flight/scenario, but it was not announced until now (due to LM betatesting stage), and we realised we made a mistake when we coded ScenInst utility (a console application that registers Nadi scenery into Scenery Library); fortunately it was not the case with FS9 version, but FSX version is the problem as we noticed that the scenery.cfg file for search was located in another path (ProgramData folder instead of AppData/Roaming). We added a FAQ page to solve questions made by you in Technical Support area, and it will be updated of course.

Additionally, as you know from the last status, we will not develop sceneries anymore due to software piracy and many issues with very-older tools (FS2K2 SDK), although we will continue with technical support for both products (Faa'a and Nadi).

Livery Manager
At this moment, Livery Manager is constantly looked at as we are listing the changes to be made to this utility, considering some items we did not include before releasing or items you suggested. Among the changes we listed, a GUI massive change is necessary and full support for FSX:SE (either standalone or side-by-side) is mandatorily required. It is in process, but progress is very slow in order to make the other mega-project we are working on now. Nevertheless, if you have suggestions for LM, do not hesitate to tell us.

You heard and read well! This is another mega-project we are working on. At this moment, NXGN will begin to develop high-quality aircraft for FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv2. First set of renders can be found at our Facebook Page. For now, nothing is sure about it will include full updateable navdata, WXR or things like that (for example), but that stuff is under consideration, so it will define the future on this development line and its design standards. :-)

We hope you enjoy the set of renders. And for now, there is no more to tell you. Tell us your questions about this aircraft project.

Once again, thanks for your constant feedback. Thank you so much!!!
Have safe and nice flights. Until the next quarter, or when something exciting arrives!!!

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

April 11, 2015

Livery Manager Released!

Dear friends,
Livery Manager is ready and it can now be purchased. For now, this product is available here. At the rest of the resellers it is not available yet but it will be uploaded in few days. Here are some shots:

As promised, a demonstration video was promised but it was delayed due to a hotfix that had to be done and it is ready for download. So, new customers will have to download this hotfix as soon as possible.

Best regards, Nxgn Team.

December 26, 2014

Livery Manager Preview 3

Dear friends,

This is the following development status and probably the last one in 2014, as we are to finish the last quarter of the year. Here are 20 shots about the work partly done in the Liveries Distribution stage. This stage is one of the hardest stages of development, together with SmartFix.

Here are some changes:
  • Backup Liveries (from Liveries Management) will be re-coded again, in order to backup only fltsim.x collection from aircraft.cfg. This part still has the compression of associated texture folder, but this is a kind of distribution, so it passed to the current stage.
  • Now a new possibility to compress the number of liveries you want to distribute. The limit is the file size :-) That depends on the size of texture files.
  • Ability to modify the composition of fltsim.x section for the repaints to pack.
  • Ability to add an associated thumbnail for each repaint to pack.
  • Pack them in the order you want.
  • Possibility to create your own ReadMe file inside Livery Manager, in plain text format or rich text format. Plus the possibility to save a copy.
  • Ability to zip the archive file created, add more files inside that zip (more readme's, pdf's, etc.) and delete archive file once created (only if zipped!)
  • Working now on the unpacking process, for now enjoy a shot showing the drag&drop implementation with native Windows style.
We hope you like this set of shots. We are working very hard, even this season, but trying to get this utility product ready before the end of Q1-2015.
As always, suggestions and comments for this project are always welcome!

For now folks, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year 2015!!!! Share with your families and friends.

Best regards, NXGN Team.